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About the TPI Program

Anyone can benefit from a healthy and efficient body.

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is a world-leading golf program that brings an extensive global study of body mechanics and proprietary outputs to its certified professionals.

Our top-level Pro, Chad Odaffer, applies this transformative approach so it’s not just about what’s good for golf, but what’s good for YOU in any sport or daily function.

30-60-Minute Assessments

The TPI screen is a series of swing-related movement assessments to uncover physical variables limiting performance or causing discomfort. Your Pro will also cover your physical fitness, movement quality, current health and a client history. (Note, we’re not actually looking at your swing itself, but the mechanics behind it.)

Personal Report & 90-Day Performance Plan

The screen results are used to create a unique plan for you. This includes paced, trackable, video exercise programming delivered through the TPI app, and potentially other recommendations. You’ll also get a TPI score (your golf fitness handicap) to measure progress against.

TPI App Access

Only clients of TPI Certified Pros can have a TPI account to access your program, log progress and communicate with your Pro. You’ll also be able to access Titleist Performance Institute’s extensive library of web-based and mobile programming. This is golf’s most extensive, cutting edge information from experts on six continents and 63 countries.

(Club/Team) Trainer & Coach Outputs

If you’re working with a Golf Pro on your swing or other coach, trainer or health expert, your TPI summary from our Pro serves as an added tool to help enhance their efforts. For team or group assessment events, see our Club & Corporate page.


what our pro says about tpi

I’ve been using the TPI system of evaluation and corrective exercise for 15 years and it has helped countless golfers from youth to retirement age, recreational and competitive. Anyone who wants to improve their efficiency and reduce the likelihood of pain and injury from playing golf or other activities, young or old. End result is better competency in the movements required to effectively execute your swing without pain or limitation and with greater ease and power.

  • Chad Graham, MATRx (left)
  • Chad Odaffer, TPI Pro (right)

Meet Chad Odaffer

  • TPI Certified Pro of 15 years with PGA Experience
  • Instructor of Exercise Science, Dept. of Kinesiology, University of Indianapolis
  • Golf Digest Top 50 Trainer
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach (CSCS)

Chad Odaffer is the ultimate mechanic to your body’s rotational movements. Currently a Professor and Coach, his extensive experience also includes serving as head Strength & Conditioning Coach for IU/PUI, time with the Indiana Fever (WNBA) and managing and creating programs for individual sports performance facilities.

An avid golfer himself, he is currently one of only several thousand in the U.S. who hold the top, Level 3 TPI Golf Fitness Certification.

Chad holds a B.S. in Exercise Science and M.S. in Exercise Physiology from University of Louisville and is also actively working towards his Ph.D.

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TPI Methods Trusted By the Pro’s

Chad’s expertise and forward thinking… shaped my career. He orchestrated assessing and testing, building a program for long-term success, and constant reevaluation to keep me headed towards my dreams of the PGA Tour. Now in year 8, I still utilize [these] fundamentals. To say I am grateful for his help and dedication would be a tremendous understatement.

Patrick Rodgers

PGA Tour Player

We don’t believe there is one way to swing a club; we believe there are an infinite number of ways to swing a club. But we do believe that there is one efficient way for everyone to swing a club and it is based on what they can physically do.

The TPI Philsophy

25 of the Top 30
Players in the World 

Are advised by a TPI Certified Expert. | Official World Golf Rankings


18 of the last 20
Major Championships

Were won by players advised by a TPI Certified Expert


Interested in a group MAT & TPI assessment event?

Our Pro’s Chad Graham and Chad Odaffer team up to offer teams, clubs and corporations alike one-of-a-kind screening assessment events, delivering TPI app-based programs for each participant. 

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