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If you’ve got pain, restricted movement or injury, Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)® corrects muscular deficiencies to deliver relief and reduce further risk of injury.

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A preeminent national MAT specialist, Founder Chad Graham is in his 16th year on the Indianapolis Colts’ medical staff and sought out by a diverse clientele.

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“Chad and MAT really helped me during my playing days in Indianapolis.” — Frank Gore, Future NFL Hall of Fame Running Back

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“The results I got were outstanding. I went from having pain doing daily activities like walking and going up the stairs, to in less than two weeks fully running with no pain. It was almost like a miracle as the pain instantly went away and I was able to get back to playing soccer. I would recommend any athlete completing physical therapy to make sure they had MAT to prevent future injuries.”

Abby J.

MAC Conference Soccer

“I had tried everything for the pain in my lower legs and feet prior to seeing Chad. I was floored that treatment was effective and almost immediately! I have since sent several friends and family members including my husband and two sons. I always tell people it’s money well spent.”

Lisa S


“MAT has been a major part of my preparation and rehabilitation since I have been in the NFL.”

Pierre Garcon

Former NFL Wide Receiver

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What Can Muscle Activation Techniques Do for You?

All of our bodies go through life’s wear and tear. That’s why anyone can benefit from MAT’s detailed evaluation and treatment process that addresses the root cause of pain, injury and dysfunction to:

  • Relieve Chronic Pain
  • Support Injury Recovery
  • Restore Movement and Function
  • Gain Muscle Strength
  • Improve Sports Performance
  • Reduce Risk of Future Injury

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